The best dove shooting experience 2 hours from Buenos Aires.

Are you passionate about dove shooting? Do you want to live a unique and unforgettable adventure? So, you cannot miss the opportunity to visit Argentina Wingshooting, (at AWS Lodge) the best destination for lovers of this sport.

At Argentina Wingshooting (AWS Lodge) we offer you a top quality service, with accommodation, transportation, professional guides, weapons, ammunition and everything you need to enjoy your dove shooting close to Buenos Aires.

We guarantee you a hunting experience without limits, with thousands of doves flying above you and a spectacular landscape. You will be able to shoot more than 1,000 shots per day, without restrictions or season limits.

Don't hesitate and book your trip with us. We assure you that it will be an experience that you will never forget. 80% of customers have the problem to come back. Contact us today!!! and get ready to live the best dove shooting adventure at AWS lodge.

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Choose Your game or do our "MIXED BAG" experience with 5 different species just 2 hours from buenos aires hotels


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  • When the Hoagland family from the USA and Mr. Piarret from Argentina, current partner and operations manager, first started their dream of building the top combo shooting lodge in the world, not just in Argentina, in 1995, they never imagined it would be this great. They established a standard of doing all things well from the luxury construction and properties in the best locations. A combination of USA and Argentina thinking produced a magic team. Careful consideration and attention to detail goes into everything we create, our lodge is made to last and be enjoyed by you for years to come. Our food, wines, staff and service is unmatched.

    We offer a wide variety of wingshooting for ducks, perdiz, pigeons, high volume dove and the crazy green parakeets, all considered to be an agriculture plague in Argentina.

    AWS Lodge is a modern country house situated in a middle of nature, surrounded by lakes, marshes, many species of vegetation, rivers, animals and over 360 species birds. Thousands of birds in the area and over 7 species of ducks alone.

    And the most important: "Close to Buenos Aires", just 2 hrs drive by car from the hotels in Buenos Aires, which eliminates the following :

    Airplanes in-country, weather delays and cancelations, long travel schedules, extra airplane cost, extra baggage charges and your time. Again, just 2 hours 40 minutes to be here direct from the Buenos Aires airport, or 2 hrs from the hotels.

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  • We have same amount of high volume dove as Córdoba eliminating the long extra travel, flight delays, weather delays, connecting flights, overweight luggage charges and extra cost.

    Yes, this is the ultimate **Argentina Duck Hunting** experience! Join us for **High-Volume Duck Shooting in Argentina**, where the skies are filled with diverse **Argentina Duck Species**. Our **Authentic Duck Hunting Trips in Argentina** are tailored to provide you with an unforgettable **Argentina Duck Hunt Experience**.