Argentina Duck Hunting

As all knows, the primary attraction on AWS lodge is over-the-top duck shooting, although fantastic dove shooting is much sought after, too, in combo packages or as stand-alone dove adventures. AWS Lodge has access to over 1 million acres of prime territory, much of which is marshland. The duck hunting area lies in the province of Entre Rios, which is a flat, alluvial plain situated between the Parana and Uruguay rivers. The Parana is the widest river in the world, at some places measuring over 25 miles across. In its delta there are literally thousands of small islands. This is some of the duckiest territory in the world, and AWS Lodge controls access to some of the best of it.

The fact that the duck hunting territory is so near the Parana River means that it is not dependent on rainfall to maintain adequate water levels to attract and hold ducks, as are many duck-shooting operations in Argentina. No, the rivers, marshes, and delta provide an unfailing source of water at all times. The lodge and property border the Nankay River, which flows to the Uruguay River just 35 km away.

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